Who We Are

Amy Wildermuth Interim Chief Sustainability Officer amy.wildermuth@utah.edu 801-581-6690
Myron Willson Director, Sustainability Resource Center myron.willson@sustainability.utah.edu 801-585-3173
Jen Colby Sustainability Coordinator, Sustainability Resource Center jcolby@sustainability.utah.edu 801-581-7505
Ayrel Clark Outreach & Education Coordinator, Sustainability Resource Center ayrel.clark@sustainability.utah.edu 801-581-7506
Rachel Sanders SCIF Coordinator, Sustainability Resource Center rachel.sanders@sustainability.utah.edu 801-581-7510
Stephanie Dolmat-Connell Sr. Research Analyst, Facilities Management stephanie.dolmat@fm.utah.edu 801-585-5048
Jeff Wrigley Program Manager, Energy Management jeff.wrigley@fm.utah.edu 801-587-9556
Chad Larsen Shuttle Manager, Commuter Services marlin.larsen@utah.edu 801-585-7963
Alexandra Zimmerman Bicycle Coordinator, Commuter Services alexandra.zimmermann@utah.edu 801-581-6415
Katie Hunt Sustainability Coordinator, Chartwells Dining Services kphunt@gmail.com 704-654-0483
Joshua James Waste Management Supervisor, Facilities Management josh.james@fm.utah.edu 801-581-5173
Glendon Mitchell Associate Director, Purchasing Department gmitchell@purchasing.utah.edu 801-587-3784
Sue Pope Landscape Supervisor, Facilities Management sue.pope@fm.utah.edu 801-581-5358
Environmental Health & Safety     801-581-6590
Steve Burian Co-Director, Sustainability Curriculum Development burian@eng.utah.edu 801-585-5721
Dan McCool Co-Director, Sustainability Curriculum Development dan.mccool@poli-sci.utah.edu 801-585-6455
Brenda Bowen Associate Director, Global Change & Sustainability Center brenda.bowen@utah.edu 801-587-3404


Sustainability Resource Center Staff

Myron Willson

Myron Willson

Sustainability Resource Center



Myron designs, plans, and coordinates the activities in the Sustainability Resource Center and across campus. He works with Campus Design, the Energy Efficiency group and Facilities Management to create efficiency standards and techniques to make all of our campus buildings more sustainable. Myron also works with faculty and administration to integrate sustainability into curriculum, research and operations.

 Jen Colby

Jen Colby

Sustainability Coordinator
Sustainability Resource Center



Jen works closely with campus and community partners to foster organizational and individual behavior change. Her specific areas of focus include assessments and reporting of the University carbon footprint and STARS; food systems projects including the Edible Campus Gardens and Farmers Market; staff green team initiatives; transportation; behavior change and energy conservation; and air quality.

 Ayrel Clark

Ayrel Clark

Outreach & Education Coordinator
Sustainability Resource Center



Ayrel manages communication and education outreach efforts. She also is the coordinator for sustainability oriented student groups on campus and helps to facilitate green purchasing and recycling initiatives. She previously worked as a graphic artist for a newspaper but decided to return to school to pursue a Master in Public Administration with a focus on environmental and sustainability issues. After graduating in 2011, she moved to India for a year where she worked on a zero-garbage initiative in the city of Pune.

 Rachel Sanders

Rachel Sanders

SCIF Coordinator
Sustainability Resource Center



Rachel manages the Sustainable Campus Initiative Fund and coordinates its annual distribution with the SCIF Allocation Committee.  She networks with students, faculty, and staff to create, develop, and support sustainably-oriented projects across campus.  She also mentors students who are interested in becoming more involved in sustainability within their specific major or department, as well as helping them to align principles of sustainability with their personal interests or career goals.

Facilities Management Data Analysis

Sr. Research Analyst, Facilities Management



Stephanie collects and analyzes data for the Office of Sustainability and Facilities Management to ensure that the University is meeting its goals. She conducts annual campus inventories and works with stakeholders to develop innovative solutions to reduce energy, water, and other resource consumption. 

Energy Management

Jeff Wrigley

Jeff Wrigley

Program Manager, Energy Management



Jeff’s role as energy manager is to reduce the University’s energy costs and promote energy efficiency across campus. Jeff leads a team that analyzes energy usage, identifies energy saving opportunities and oversees implementation of energy saving projects. Jeff and his team work closely with the Office of Sustainability, Campus Design and other University departments to promote energy efficient buildings, operations and practices. 

Commuter Services

Chad Larsen

Chad Larsen

Shuttle Manager, Commuter Services



Chad manages Commuter Services' Campus Shuttles and is the Bicycle Subcommittee Chair and the sustainability contact for Commuter Services. He helps to promote all forms of alternative transportation to campus. Chad is the main point of contact for bicycle related topics.

Dining Services

katie Hunt

Katie Hunt

Sustainability Coordinator, Dining Services



Katie joined University Dining Services in April 2011. As Sustainability Coordinator, Katie works to "green" the campus food system by sustaining partnerships, internships, outreach, and social programming. These include managing the compost program and other waste-management activities, overseeing the Real Food Calculator, and working on events like Social Soup and Earth Fest. Katie is especially passionate about getting students involved in campus food sustainability activities.


Josh James

Joshua James

Waste Management Supervisor



Josh handles all recycling and waste on lower campus and in the health sciences buildings. He partners with the Bennion Center Campus Recycling group and ASUU's Sustainability Board to offer volunteer opportunities to students with an interest in recycling and is the point of contact for recycling containers for special events or items on campus.


Glendon Mitchell

Glendon Mitchell

Associate Director, Purchasing Department



Glendon has worked in the public sector for both Salt Lake County and the State of Utah in their respective purchasing departments. He had the opportunity while at the state to serve on the Western States Contracting Alliance when Energy Star requirements were first put in the bid specifications for computer contracts and has continued to follow sustainability developments in his job at the University.


Sue Pope

Sue Pope

Grounds Supervisor



Sue is a certified landscape nurseryman, member of Sports Turf Association, member of Utah Nursery and landscape association and has served on the Utah Water Conservation Board. Since 2002, Sue has designed and introduced native and drought tolerant plants to our campus landscape and as funding becomes available, she continues to find ways to incorporate low water use plants and turf into the campus landscape.

Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health & Safety Building

Environmental Health & Safety



Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) interprets national, state and local regulations related to occupational and environmental health and safety. EHS provides guidance and support to University of Utah operations and advise Senior Administration on business aspects of environmental health and safety, emergency preparedness and disaster resilience.

Research and Curriculum

Steve Burian

Steve Burian

Co-Director of Sustainability Curriculum Development



Steve is the Co-Director of Sustainability Curriculum Development on campus and along with Dan McCool, his other Co-Director, is working to develop sustainability curriculum programs that are highly interdisciplinary, including an undergraduate certificate open to all majors and graduate certificates targetting specific areas. He also serves as Associate Director for the Global Change and Sustainability Center where he helps to coordinate GCSC research and education efforts in sustainability.

Dan McCool

Dan McCool

Co-Director of Sustainability Curriculum Development



Daniel McCool is a professor of Political Science, Director of the Environmental & Sustainability Studies Program and Co-Director of Sustainability Curriculum Development. He earned a B.A from Purdue University and a Ph.D. from the University of Arizona. His latest books are: River Republic: The Fall and Rise of America's Rivers (University of Columbia Press, 2012), and The Most Fundamental Right: Contrasting Perspectives on the Voting Rights Act (Indiana University Press, 2012).

Brenda Bowen

Brenda Bowen

Associate Director, Global Change & Sustainability Center



Brenda is the Associate Director of the Global Change & Sustainability Center on campus. The center promote interdisciplinary research by faculty and students on the structure and functioning of both natural and human built systems and the impacts of global change on these systems.
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