Sustainability Resource Center

The Sustainability Resource Center catalyzes, communicates and connects sustainability initiatives and enhances opportunities for campus to serve as a living-learning laboratory. Working with partners across the University and beyond, the Sustainability Resource Center helps integrate sustainability principles into day-to-day activities, teaching and research.

Mission Statement

The University of Utah's Sustainability Resource Center develops and provides support for sustainability initiatives within the campus and community in order to create a culture of students, faculty and staff who are socially, economically and environmentally responsible.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to integrate sustainability throughout all operations, research and curriculum at the University of Utah.

Sustainability Resource Center Core Values

  • Collecting data and best practices to track progress and implement change;
  • Connecting campus sustainability practices, programs, and people;
  • Communicating campus sustainability initiatives and successes;
  • Catalyzing and leading the campus community toward action.

Sustainability Resource Center staff

Sustainability Resource Center interns

Last Updated: 1/22/14