U of U Sustainability Principles

Triple Bottom Line graphic

The University of Utah considers relevant environmental, social, and economic impacts (the triple bottom line) in operations, administration, and education. This is approach is also known as “people, planet, profit.” By including sustainability as a core value in the University of Utah’s Strategic Plan and Campus Master Plan, the U is committed to a future that will help create healthy social, economic and environmental systems that persist over many generations. Our vision to integrate sustainability throughout all operations, research, and education at the University of Utah.

Our Principles

Integrate sustainability into education.
Track and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Make the campus a “living laboratory” with experimentation and applied research.
Invest in initiatives that reduce dependence on fossil fuels.
Capture and reinvest net savings into additional projects.
Minimize waste through reuse, recycling, and reduction, as well as composting.
Purchase sustainable products, services, and food.
Encourage mass and alternative transportation, including walking and biking.
Use no more water annually than what falls within campus borders.
Last Updated: 1/22/14