Ecology of Residency Course for Environmental Humanities
Students in the Environmental Humanities Graduate Program study lake biology in their Ecology of Residency course.

The key to achieving sustainability on our campus and our planet is engaging everyone in our efforts. Integrating sustainability into the curriculum is a key goal of our Climate Action Plan and is a critical step in creating the civic-minded and collaborative leaders of tomorrow.

Degrees & Certificates

The University of Utah offers several sustainability focused academic programs at the undergraduate level and at the graduate level.

List of Courses Addressing Sustainability

Sustainability related courses can be found in virtually all of our academic colleges across campus. The course catalog is constantly evolving and oftentimes more sustainability related courses are being added due to student demand for them. Contact us if you know of a course that should be added or if one that is listed is no longer offered.

Centers & Institutes

There are several centers and institutes on campus doing work related to sustainability. From cutting edge research on sustainability problems to advocacy for social justice issues, the University of Utah is addressing sustainability in many ways.


Faculty members around the University are doing research to advance sustainability knowledge.

Service Learning

Many courses require service hours to be done in order to complete the class. The Bennion Center offers students the opportunity to pursue the Community Engaged Scholar distinction and faculty the chance to list their courses as Community Engaged Learning courses.  They also need partners both on and off campus to offer sustainability volunteer projects for these courses.



Last Updated: 3/26/14