Degrees & Certificates

University of Utah signMany programs at the University of Utah integrate some of the Sustainability Big Ideas into their curriculum offerings but the ones listed below have a particular focus on sustainability issues. Under the leadership of two Sustainability Curriculum Co-Directors, the University of Utah is continuing to add sustainability degree and certificate programs to its offerings. Contact the Co-Directors for more information or to discuss possible options.

Undergraduate Degrees & Certificates

Urban Ecology - The undergraduate degree in Urban Ecology focuses on exploring the interrelationships among social, environmental and economic systems, with an aim toward enhancing the vitality and sustainability of places and communities. For those seeking work at the graduate level, it also provides preparation for the Master of City & Metropolitan degree.

Civil & Environmental Engineering Program - The Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering boasts one of the nation's most rapidly growing departments and a large diverse faculty. Students are challenged to imagine new ways to support the needs of business, industry, public agencies, and nations.

Environmental & Sustainability Studies Program - The Environmental & Sustainability Studies majors explore human-nature relationships across time and culture and at varied levels of environmental scale.

Parks, Recreation & Tourism Program - The Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism offers the opportunity to study leisure theory and research, as well as applied topics related to the park, recreation, and tourism profession.

Sustainable Tourism Certificate - The Sustainable Tourism Certificate is designed to enable students and participants to undergo a focused concentration within their major or professional position on international issues in ecotourism and sustainable tourism development and acquire a unique pedagogical opportunity in experiential, service and theoretical learning.

Integrated Certificate in Sustainability - The Integrated Certificate in Sustainability is designed to give students the breadth and depth of knowledge, skills and critical and creative thinking to create a more sustainable future.


Graduate Programs & Certificates

Atmospheric Sciences - The University of Utah's graduate program in Atmospheric Sciences includes emphases in climate dynamics, cloud-aerosol interactions, tropical meteorology, air quality, and mountain meteorology.

Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology - This program focuses on the ecology and evolution of how organisms interact with their environment. The program encompasses physiology, behavior, genetics, species-interactions and ecosystem processes.

Environmental Humanities Graduate Program - The Masters degree in Environmental Humanities is a 2-year post baccalaureate degree that is designed to accommodate interdisciplinary demand and interest in a humanities perspective on environmental areas of scholarship.

Civil & Environmental Engineering Program - The University of Utah's graduate program in Civil & Environmental Engineering includes an emphasis in structural engineering, transportation engineering, water resources engineering, engineering management, and geotechnical engineering.

Master of City & Metropolitan Planning and PhD in Metropolitan Planning, Policy, and Design - The Master of City & Metropolitan Planning at the University of Utah emphasizes ecological resiliency, economic efficiency, and social justice through effective communication, collaboration, and innovation. The program's specialized field areas include ecological planning, smart growth, and urban design. The PhD program also provides fellowships in Ecological Planning.

Master of Law in Environmental & Resource Law (LL.M) - The LL.M program is a full-time one-year program providing advanced training in environmental and natural resources law. Advanced courses and seminars are offered in areas such as environmental practice, protected lands, water law, wildlife law, the environment and business, land use, regulated industries, energy and natural resources, Indian law, toxic torts, and international environmental law.

Parks, Recreation & Tourism Graduate Program - The Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism offers the opportunity to study leisure theory and research, as well as applied topics related to the park, recreation, and tourism profession. Graduate programs allow specialization in areas involving tourism, commercial recreation, natural resource management, therapeutic recreation, or experiential education.

Professional Master of Science & Technology Program - The Professional Master of Science and Technology degree is a professional, non-thesis, interdisciplinary program that fuses graduate studies in science and mathematics with skills from other professional domains, such as business, communication and management.

Certificate in Environmental & Natural Resources Law - The S.J Quinney College of Law offers nationally recognized programs in environmental & natural resource legal education at the J.D. and post-J.D. levels. For J.D. students, the S.J. Quinney College of Law offers a graduate certificate for those interested in focusing their studies on environmental and natural resources law.

Certificate in Historic Preservation - This graduate-level certificate is an interdisciplinary effort between the College of Architecture + Planning, the College of Humanities Department of History, and the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Public Administration Program. The program focuses on historic preservation issues in the western United States in the twenty-first century with an overall goal of advancing appropriate historic preservation practices nationwide.


Last Updated: 1/22/14