Dan McCool at Green Team Summit
Dr. Dan McCool, Director of the Environmental & Sustainability Studies Program shows how he feels about sustainability at a recent lecture.

At the University of Utah, we are fortunate to have a faculty with a huge breadth of knowledge and passion for sustainability. Many faculty members teach sustainability related courses or conduct sustainability related research and we look to them to help solve campus sustainability related issues.

Faculty members who want more involvement can also:

Join or Start a Department Green Team

Check out our e-toolkit for information about what our campus Green Teams are doing as well as tips for implementing green strategies in your department.

Get Involved with Sustainability Research

The Global Change & Sustainability Center is connected to six of our academic colleges on campus and is working with faculty members on cutting edge sustainability research in a myriad of topic areas. Contact them for opportunities.

Identify Sustainability as a Research Interest

When updating the Faculty Activity Report, indicate if you are working on sustainability research or teaching sustainability concepts in your courses. Faculty members throughout the University are working on sustainability issues from health equity to biomimicry, systems thinking to cultural diversity and more. Check out the Sustainability Big Ideas to understand how big the sustainability tent really is.

Serve as a Sustainable Campus Initiative Fund (SCIF) Advisor

Serving as a faculty advisor for a SCIF project allows faculty members to closely mentor passionate and dedicated students and to help green the campus.

Get Connected with Sustainability Initiatives on Campus

Participate in the Sustainable Energy Campaign

Our campus campaign to purchase renewable energy allows individuals to choose wind power for their share of grid electricity while working at the University.


Last Updated: 6/12/14