Student Affairs Green Team at CAP event
The Student Affairs Green Team has been tracking their purchases of recycled content paper for several years. They've not only increased their recycled content paper purchasing, they've also cut down on their paper purchases.

Staff members at the University of Utah are a critical part of pushing campus sustainability initiatives forward. Whether it is doing something as simple as following the Sustainability Resource Center on Facebook, taking our Sustainability Pledge, or turning off your computer each night before leaving campus, small actions do make a measurable impact on creating a culture of sustainability at the University. Check out the Sustainability Resource Center's email newsletter to read about staff members across campus doing their part to advance the University's sustainability goals.

Get Connected with Sustainability Initiatives on Campus

Join or Start a Department Green Team

Check out the e-toolkit for information about what our campus Green Teams are doing as well as tips for implementing green strategies. Contact Sustainability Coordinator Jen Colby to get connected with an existing Green Team or get information on starting one in your department. 

Participate in the Sustainable Energy Campaign

Our campus campaign to purchase renewable energy allows individuals to choose wind power for their share of grid electricity used while working at the University.

Use the campus Green Certifications for your events and your office

All of our individual actions do matter and our dozens of departments across campus add up to one big impact. The Sustainability Resource Center offers Green Certification programs for events and offices across campus.

Make Green Purchasing Decisions

Our University purchases nearly $2 million annually in paper and office supplies, more than $10 million in computers and several million on lab equipment and supplies. With that volume, our buying decisions really do have an impact. Check out our Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Guideline when making campus purchases.

Serve as a Sustainable Campus Initiative Fund (SCIF) Advisor

Serving as a staff advisor for a SCIF project allows staff members to closely mentor passionate and dedicated students as well as help to green our campus. SCIF projects have ranged from installing beehives on campus to organizing the first ever Bike to the U Day. Students need experienced and passionate staff members to help them complete their projects.

Last Updated: 3/26/14