Red Butte Creek in winter
Red Butte Creek at the University of Utah provides wildlife habitat and watershed educational opportunities within our urban environment.

The University of Utah receives potable water from Salt Lake City Public Utilities which draws water from our local watersheds.  We also use well water on campus to help supply our irrigation needs.  The University allocates funds each year to improve water efficiency in existing buildings through maintenance and retrofits and to educate campus users about water conservation techniques.  We have completed numerous water efficiency retrofit projects which have resulted in a reduction of annual water consumption by approximately 15% or over 150 million gallons.

We have a goal to achieve water neutrality by 2020. That means seeking to use the amount of water that falls annually on campus for our drinking, plumbing and landscaping needs.

Awareness, Use, Education and Sustainability at the University of Utah
Honors Think Tank Report, May 2013 (PDF)

Conservation at the U

Marriott Plaza Fountain
The Marriott Plaza fountain celebrates our precious water resource.

The University of Utah is making headway on its goal to achieve water neutrality.  Some of the recent steps taken include:

  • Integration of more xeric and drought-tolerant plantings in the campus landscaping
  • Studies of low water use turf for widespread installation
  • Central control irrigation system that is designed to shut off during rain events
  • Mulches are used for weed control and water retention and grass clippings are left on the turf for nutrients and water retention
  • Plumbing fixtures (low flow toilets, urinals and faucets) are replaced in older buildings each year

Spot a Problem on Campus?

Broken or badly aligned sprinkler heads, leaking faucets or running toilets can all add up to excess water use.  Reporting any problems you see to Dispatch at 801.581.7221 will help campus operation tremendously.  Try to get as much information about location and the nature of the problem, prior to making the call.

Last Updated: 3/26/14