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Apply to SCIF

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SCIF awards three kinds of grants:

  • Small Grants: <$1,000 (applications accepted on a rolling basis)
  • Medium Grants: $1,000-$10,000 (applications accepted/grants awarded three times a semester; see dates below)
  • Large Grants: >$10,000 (expressions of interest (EOI) due mid-fall semester, with final applications due in January and grants awarded in early spring semester; see dates below)

Email all inquiries and applications to: 

Helpful Information

For useful tips and information on designing and implementing different types of projects please check out these GUIDELINES.

Those working on projects for course credit are recommended to apply for micro or small grant awards. Those who have the flexibility to work on their project over multiple semesters (such as Block U final projects, theses, or departmental projects) are invited to apply for all three kinds of grants.

Please note that small grant projects that require a high degree of campus approval or have a high degree of complexity may be asked to apply with large grants so applicants can have increased levels of support during the design and implementation processes.

Contact the Sustainability Resource Center at 801-585-9352 with additional questions.



More information

Questions about the program? Contact the Sustainability Resource Center at 801-585-9352.

Last Updated: 8/19/16