Earning a Sustainability Course Attribute

The SUSL/C course attribute will be awarded to courses integrating key sustainability concepts.

Sustainability course attributes are applied to courses that integrate fundamental concepts of sustainability including equity, economy, and environment. Courses from across campus have Sustainability-Limited and Sustainability-Complete attributes. Apply here.

Why get a course attribute?

What are the course attributes?

  • Sustainability—Limited (SUSL): Course content incorporates a unit or module on sustainability or a sustainability challenge, includes one or more sustainability-focused activities, or integrates two of the three sustainability concepts throughout the course.
  • Sustainability—Complete (SUSC): Course content identifies and describes the relationship between the course topic, equity, economy, and environmental dimensions.

Which courses have attributes?

All SUSL courses here, and SUSC courses here.

How can my course get an SUSL/C attribute?

Use information from your course syllabus to apply online here after October 15. All applications will be reviewed by the Sustainability Education Advisory Committee.

Apply by: 

  • For attribute by fall 2019 catalog, apply by November 2, 2018 HERE
  • For attribute by spring 2020 catalog, apply by March 15, 2019