Sustainability Faculty Learning Community

Join us for practice and discussion about integrating the big ideas of sustainability into your courses and academic endeavors. The interdisciplinary Sustainability Faculty Learning Community is a joint initiative with the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence.

2018 Meeting Schedule


Join us for a deep think for the creatively curious as we explore questions of global change and sustainability. 

Inspired by the movie Fight Club, Hawaii’s first and current poet laureate, Kealoha, started a weekly gathering known as The Think.  The Think brought together a diverse group of intellectuals to explore various fields of study.  Each week, a member of the club was designated as the leader/expert, and he/she brought a thought experiment, activity, or challenge that fully demonstrated a chosen field of study. With the hope of sparking creativity with the cross-pollination of ideas, Kealoha will lead a Sustainability Faculty Learning Community modeled after the Think.

Wednesday, November 7

12:00-1:30, lunch will be provided

MLIB 1705 Faculty Center


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About the artist:

Steven Kealohapau’ole Hong-Ming Wong, pen name Kealoha, graduated from MIT with a degree in Nuclear Physics with a minor in writing.   While an undergrad he worked for MIT’s Plasma Science and Fusion Center, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and the Institute for Defense Analysis.  After receiving his degree, he made a radical career switch by going into management consulting to learn about the business world.  After two years of wearing suits, he left the corporate world, he moved home to Hawaii and surfed and hiked and slept on his brother’s couch.  He ate mangos.  He wrote a lot.  He organized The Think, attended slam poetry events, performed his writing in open mic events, and committed to his sense of urgency to do something meaningful.  With The Story of Everything, his love for science and art collides into his take on the creation story from the Big Bang and explores the questions “Where do we come from?”


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For the performance, November 16, 7:30pm, Kingsbury Hall

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