Commuter Challenges

The University of Utah is committed to implementing solutions that encourage better transportation habits to improve our air quality. 

Take Action to Improve SLC’s Air Quality

During our winters, nearly half of emissions come from mobile vehicles and during our summers vehicle emissions are a major contributor to the ground-level ozone problem, which can cause serious health concerns. Getting people to drive less is key to improving our air quality. Twice a year during winter and summer, we support and organize challenges that encourage the campus community to try out walking, biking, carpooling, or riding public transit instead of driving alone.

Clean Air for U Challenge

Every February, join the University of Utah Clean Air for U: A TravelWise Challenge to help improve our winter air quality. Enter as an individual, join a team, and log your non-single-occupant vehicle trips at The tracker will tell you how much CO2 you prevented by making smarter transportation choices, as well as track your money saved and calories burned.

Together, we can clean the air. Tell your friends and sign up today.

Challenge rules. 

2016 Clean Air for U Resultscommuterchallenge-stats

Clear the Air Challenge

Every July, the University joins entities from across the state of Utah in the month-long Clear the Air Challenge, which is managed by the Salt Lake Chamber and TravelWise. By encouraging alternative methods, such as biking or riding transit, we can help improve Salt Lake’s air quality, reduce traffic congestion, and save money on fuel costs.

Sign up today for the University of Utah team and show the U cares about clean air.

Commuting Strategies