Green Office

The choices we make in our work environment impact the natural environment. By making smarter choices, we can integrate sustainability principles into day-to-day activities on campus. Our Green Office program provides tools, support, and guidance to help make your campus life more sustainable. 

About Green Office Certification

Offices are great places for teamwork, participation, and innovation. Departments and offices on campus represent a large portion of energy and material use, and waste production on campus. Green Office Certification is a great tool for colleges and departments across campus to help students, staff, and faculty make sustainable choices in the workplace.

At this time, Green Office Certification program is suspended. It will be reinstated in summer 2020. Use the Green Office checklist to self assess. 

Green Office Certified

Architecture, Dean’s Office 
Bennion Center
College of Pharmacy – ADD Program 
Eccles Health Sciences Library
Office of Sponsored Projects
Print and Mail Services
Red Butte Gardens
Second Language Teaching & Research Center
Sustainability Office

Advising: Academic Center
Advising: Pre-professional
City & Metropolitan Planning
CSBS – Student Success Center
ENVST Office
FM Utility Systems & Services
Utah Museum of Fine Arts

College of Biological Sciences
Film and Media Arts
Humanities, Dean’s Office
Parks, Recreation, & Tourism
University Neighborhood Partners
University Print and Mail Services

In Progress: 29 departments