Green Office

The choices we make in our work environments impact the natural environment. By making smarter choices, we can integrate sustainability principles into day-to-day activities on campus. Our Green Office program provides tools, support, and guidance to help make your campus life more sustainable. 

About Green Office Certification

Offices are great places for teamwork, participation, and innovation. Departments and offices on campus represent a large portion of energy and material use, and production of waste on campus. Green Office Certification is a great tool for colleges and departments across campus to use that provides guidance and tools to help students, staff, and faculty adopt sustainable choices in the workplace that are good for people now and the generation to come.

How it works

  • Complete the Green Office Certification form and self-assess. Email it to Karren Nichols.

Green Office Certification form

  • A green-office specialist will schedule a visit with your department to review the form and do a physical walk-through confirming points and answering questions.
  • Receive a certificate to display on your wall, as well as recognition on the Sustainability Office’s social media outlets.
  • Renew/Review certification at request of office or every two years.

Green Office Certified

Gold: College of Architecture Dean’s Office; Bennion Community Center; Office of Sponsored Projects

Silver: City & Metropolitan Planning

Bronze: College of Humanities Dean’s Office; Second Language Teaching & Research Center

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