Sustainable purchasing demonstrates the University’s commitment to buying goods, materials, and services that reflects our core values of fiscal responsibility, social equity, and community and environmental stewardship. 

What the University is Doing

Purchasing at the University

To support the University of Utah’s large student community, the campus annually purchases nearly $2 million in paper and office supplies, more than $10 million in computers and IT equipment, and several million dollars on lab equipment and supplies.

Preferable Purchasing

The U developed the Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Guidelines to facilitate the purchase of products that minimize the harmful effects caused by production, transportation, and disposal of goods. In most cases, products or services that are environmentally preferable will save energy and reduce waste, both of which save the institution money. On-campus providers, such as the Campus Store, General Stores & Receiving, Surplus & Salvage, and University Print & Mail Services, also offer green purchasing options.

Preferable products include labels that clearly identify them as being eco-friendly. These include products that are marked as containing 30% or more post-consumer recycled content or include the following labels:

  • Green Seal Certified        
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified
  • Energy Star
  • Forest Stewardship Council
  • Green Guard

What You Can Do

Start by evaluating whether you need to make a purchase. Then, do some research to locate items that are certified sustainable. Purchase in bulk when possible to reduce packaging and transportation-related emissions.