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A Handful of Tips for Tackling Winter

During Utah’s winter months, many people stay healthy and help clear our air by using sustainable transportation.  To those that ride the bus or TRAX, walk, and roll on two wheels to arrive at their destinations – we say a hearty thank you!

Here’s a few tips for active travel this winter:

Be visible – Use lights and bright clothing to ensure you’re being seen by other road, trail or sidewalk users as the season and daylight hours change. Most crashes happen at intersections when it gets dark, so be cautious when moving in these areas at that time.

Winterize your gear – Use fenders to keep yourself and your bike clean from snow, sand or salt. Consider switching out your tires for ones with thicker treads to navigate snow or slick surfaces easily.

Maintenance – Remember to clean your bike regularly if it is wet or sloppy outside, and consider lubricating your chains and cables to help prevent ice, snow and salt from restricting your movement. Running a rag with lube over your chain every so often will save your drivetrain quite a bit. The Campus Bike Shop is open and can help you do this!

Layer for warmth – Bar mitts or pogies can help keep your hands warm, but you do need to layer up! Wear a warm base layer, a second layer to keep you insulated and a third windproof layer. Under your bike helmet, wear some sort of earmuff or thin hat. If you wear a scarf, be cautious about keeping it from getting caught in your bike and tuck the ends into your layers.

Have fun! – Once you travel outside a car a few times your body will acclimate to the conditions and temperatures. The campus is one of the best places to do this year-round, and crews work hard to clear snow on sidewalks and streets during (and after) each storm event.