Green Office

The choices we make in our work environment impact the natural environment. When we integrate sustainability principles into day-to-day work activities on campus, we can reduce out impact. The Green Office program provides tools, support and guidance to help make your workplace more sustainable.

Departments and offices represent a large portion of campus energy use and consumption. Green Office is a tool for to help employees reduce purchases, consume less energy, and make spaces more sustainable.

The Green Office program will relaunch during the fall 2020 semester as a primarily virtual program. In the meantime, use the Green Office checklist to self assess.


Certified Green Offices


Architecture, Dean’s Office
Bennion Center
College of Pharmacy – ADD Program
Eccles Health Sciences Library
Office of Sponsored Projects
Print and Mail Services
Red Butte Gardens
Second Language Teaching & Research Center
Sustainability Office


Advising: Academic Center
Advising: Pre-professional
City & Metropolitan Planning
CSBS – Student Success Center
ENVST Office
FM Utility Systems & Services
Utah Museum of Fine Arts


College of Biological Sciences
Film and Media Arts
Humanities, Dean’s Office
Parks, Recreation & Tourism
University Neighborhood Partners
University Print and Mail Services