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Campus As A Living Lab

Campus as a Living Lab (CLL) is an integrative culture that uses the physical and operational assets of the university as part of research and coursework. CLL joins academic study with facilities and other administrative units to provide students with direct research and project experiences that build campus engagement, increase student ownership, and create spaces for campus-community partnerships. CLL creates transdisciplinary educational communities that have an important impact in embedding sustainability at the institutional level. It is a model for what is possible when data, transparency, and flexibility are deployed by members of the university community to support innovative decision making in university policy, infrastructure, and growth.

Probletunity Sessions

Talk issues, uncover collaborations, build change. Join the discussions.

Sustainability U Repository

Sustainability U is a collection of scholarship that preserves institutional memory.

Sustainability Dashboard

Track progress across key institutional metrics, including academics, research, and emissions.


Your ideas matter. Share your insights through the online submission form. Requires university login.