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Originally posted on @theU on December 10, 2018   While participation in this annual event helps create a list of the current fixes, you don’t need to wait for the yearly walk to report an area you think needs to be addressed. To report a lighting issue, click here or call 801-581-7221. A report can be made […]

Addressing Alta Ski Resort Message

The official response to Alta land exchange communication can be viewed here. Please contact Myron Willson, Deputy Chief Sustainability Officer, with questions and concerns.


How the project benefited the library Then: Lights in the Special Collections area were typically on 10-13 hours per day Now: Lights now are only activated when there is activity and only in the area where that activity is occurring Then: A compact fluorescent bulb is 54 watts, lasts about 10,000 hours and produces heat […]


Funded by SCIF The Sustainable Campus Initiative Fund, created through an ASUU initiative in 2008, collects about $180,000 yearly from a $2.50 per student fee. Since 2009, it has awarded more than $900,000 to projects aimed at enhancing sustainability on the U campus. The fund receives about 30 to 45 proposals each year and approves […]


The university created this GIS tool to track improvements to our bicycle infrastructure. Follow @commUTEr_servs and @GingerCannonU on Twitter for updates on campus mobility. What’s the best bike route to campus? Where can I park my bike on campus? Who can repair my bike on campus? Orginally posted on @theU on November 19, 2018. By […]

Longing for A New Direction

The universe is mysterious, beautiful, and unknown. The world around us and the space beyond is a cosmic soup of particles, atoms and energy, yet mixed together these things make up our bodies, our friends and family, the trees and water, the sky and the earth. While science seeks to unravel these mysteries of the […]

Modeling Evapotranspiration and the Limits of Plant Life: Gaby Katul for the GCSC Seminar Series

By Nicholas Apodaca, Graduate Assistant Plants play an essential role in the cycling of water and carbon dioxide through the soil and atmosphere. Across eons, they have evolved to optimize processes that maximize their resource uptake and energy usage. Determining the basic mechanisms of this process is complex, as plants are susceptible to subtle changes […]


Originally posted on @theU on October 22, 2018. By Paul Gabrielsen, science writer, University of Utah Communications William Anderegg, an assistant professor of biology, has received one of 18 Packard Fellowships for Science and Engineering from the David and Lucile Packard Foundation for his research on the effects of climate change and drought on forests. […]


    Originally published on @theU on October 15, 2018.   By Vince Horiuchi, public relations associate, College of Engineering   What if you could see nasty microscopic air pollutants in your home? Engineers from the University of Utah’s School of Computing conducted a study to determine if homeowners change the way they live if they […]

Green to Red Tailgate Challenge

By Abby Ghent Ah, football. The smell of barbecued foods, the sound of cheering fans, and the excitement of watching your home team playing their hearts out. The only thing missing is a little bit of sustainability thrown in. But you can change that: Join in the 1st Annual Green to Red Tailgate Challenge! At […]