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Sustainable Campus Initiative Fund

The Sustainable Campus Initiative Fund (SCIF) is the University of Utah’s green grant program. Students, faculty, and staff from all disciplines are invited to propose projects that enhance the sustainability of our campus and community. SCIF encourages ideas that operate at the crossroads of academics and operations and work to facilitate collaborative efforts among diverse members of the campus community.

About SCIF

SCIF was proposed by ASUU in 2008 in response to demand for sustainable infrastructure on campus and opportunities to gain real-world project management experience. Each semester, students pay $2.50 into the fund. The SCIF bylaws explain the priorities of the program, as well as general project guidelines. SCIF projects are approved by a committee of students, faculty, and staff.


  • Improve campus: SCIF is a unique opportunity to improve the campus by making a reality out of the best sustainable ideas.
  • Collaborate across departments: SCIF connects teachers, students, and staff in an effort that requires multiple skill sets. These connections happen outside of the classroom and can enrich the lives of all who are involved.
  • Gain unique professional experience: SCIF provides students with real world project management experience. This experience prepares students for professional careers.
  • Leave a legacy: SCIF projects continue to have an impact long after the initial project. In some cases, SCIF has set the standard for what sustainability looks like on campus.