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MISSION: The Sustainability Office empowers students, employees, and the broader community through education, engagement, and collaborative action to build a sustainable future.

VISION: The University of Utah is a beacon of sustainability, inspiring positive change locally and globally.


    • Collaboration
    • Transparency
    • Integrity
    • Creativity

Core Strategies

    • Cultivate sustainable learning opportunities
    • Connect people with sustainability practices, programs and resources
    • Catalyze sustainability action
    • Collect data to track progress, identify best practices and implement change
    • Communicate campus sustainability initiatives and metrics

2024-2027 Strategic Goals

    1. Integrate sustainability into curricula across the university (CAP Strategy 2.1)
    2. Expand sustainability learning opportunities beyond the classroom (CAP Strategy 2.2)
    3. Connect students and employees to sustainability resources
    4. Support success and well-being for all students and employees

2027 Targets

    • +2 points in STARS 3.0 curriculum (AC 1-5) credits
    • +2 points in STARS 3.0 engagement (EN) credits