Sustain Podcast

In Spring 2021, U Sustainability launched its first-ever podcast series, Sustain. The goal of Sustain is to broaden the understanding of the holistic meaning of sustainability, and highlight sustainability’s three pillars—environmental integrity, social equity, and economic security—by diving deep into campus efforts and research by our amazing faculty. Please check back monthly for new episodes or subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

July 12, 2021: Dr. Lazarus Adua, University of Utah assistant professor in Sociology

June 7, 2021: Dr. Danielle Endres, University of Utah professor in Communication

May 4, 2021: Dr. Hokulani K. Aikau, University of Utah associate professor in Ethnic & Gender Studies

March 15, 2021: Kerry Case, University of Utah chief sustainability officer

Transcriptions coming soon!