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The Dynamics of Climate Change with Aradhna Tripati

“The Dynamics of Climate Change” The Global Change and Sustainability Center (GCSC) seminar series presents a lecture by Aradhna Tripati, Professor in the Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences department and the Earth, Planetary, & Space Sciences department, as well as at the Institute of Geophysics & Planetary Physics and the Institute of Environment & Sustainability at […]

Searching for ‘Soul’-utions

“Imagining Sustainable Futures: Collaborative ‘Soul’-utions for Earthly Survival.” The Global Change and Sustainability Center (GCSC) seminar series presents a lecture by Giovanna Di Chiro, Lang Professor for Issues of Social Change at Swarthmore College. By Nicholas Apodaca, graduate assistant, Sustainability Office When we talk about sustainability, we might assume that progressive science policy would naturally […]

Invert the Inversion

Originally posted on @theU on January 28, 2019. By Ayrel Clark-Proffitt, campus engagement, Sustainability Office It is hard to ignore Salt Lake Valley’s poor air quality this winter unless you’ve figured out how to shut your eyes and mouth and plug your nose (or you haven’t gone outside at all). Views of our mountains, the […]

The Father of Environmental Justice: Dr. Robert Bullard

As environmental degradation and the impacts of a rapidly changing climate become more obvious, so does the inequity of its consequences. Recognizing that communities of color experience disproportionate impacts of environmental and health hazards that result from social, political, and economic practices, the Sustainability Office, S.J. Quinney College of Law, Office for Equity and Diversity […]


Originally posted on @theU on Monday, January 7, 2018. By Abby Ghent, sports and sustainability student ambassador, Athletics and the Sustainability Office Mind-blowing fact: According to The Washington Post, if you were born after February 1985, you haven’t experienced a month where the Earth’s average monthly temperature was below average. Rising temperatures, as well as a […]

The Way We Learn: Lauren Barth-Cohen for the GCSC Seminar Series

We have all struggled with learning at some point in our education. Mathematics and the sciences can be especially daunting for many, while for others it just clicks. Yet it isn’t just about innate ability: the ways that we learn are essential to our educational success. As climate change bears down upon us, understanding this […]


Originally posted on @theU on December 10, 2018   While participation in this annual event helps create a list of the current fixes, you don’t need to wait for the yearly walk to report an area you think needs to be addressed. To report a lighting issue, click here or call 801-581-7221. A report can be made […]


How the project benefited the library Then: Lights in the Special Collections area were typically on 10-13 hours per day Now: Lights now are only activated when there is activity and only in the area where that activity is occurring Then: A compact fluorescent bulb is 54 watts, lasts about 10,000 hours and produces heat […]


Funded by SCIF The Sustainable Campus Initiative Fund, created through an ASUU initiative in 2008, collects about $180,000 yearly from a $2.50 per student fee. Since 2009, it has awarded more than $900,000 to projects aimed at enhancing sustainability on the U campus. The fund receives about 30 to 45 proposals each year and approves […]


The university created this GIS tool to track improvements to our bicycle infrastructure. Follow @commUTEr_servs and @GingerCannonU on Twitter for updates on campus mobility. What’s the best bike route to campus? Where can I park my bike on campus? Who can repair my bike on campus? Orginally posted on @theU on November 19, 2018. By […]