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GCSC Seminar: Promoting Environmentally Responsible Behavior

By Sydney Murray, Sustainability Office

Dr. Brian Eisenhauer is the Director of the Office of Environmental Sustainability, and professor of environmental sociology at Plymouth State University. Combining his personal affinity for the outdoors and his academic background in studying people and human society, his research interests center around environmental communications, sustainability, conservation, and grassroots activism.

Eisenhauer understands the importance of catering sustainability efforts towards individual and group motivations and values. In this way, diverse parties are more likely to come together to cooperate and support sustainable initiatives.

On Tuesday, March 21, Eisenhauer will give a GCSC Seminar called “Promoting Environmentally Responsible Behavior: Lessons from 20 Years of Practice and Research,” to discuss what he’s learned in working with diverse groups of people and institutions to encourage pro-environmental behavior and attitudes.

Attend the seminar in room 295 in the Frederick Albert Sutton building from 4-5 p.m. (or on Zoom) to learn more.