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Active transportation can be an easy, effective, and efficient way of commuting. Those who make active transportation a part of their lifestyle save money on fuel, integrate physical activity into their daily routine, and spend less time in traffic congestion. Active transportation helps to meet University goals in reducing energy consumption, single occupant vehicle (SOV) commute trips, and improving air quality. 

What the University is Doing

In 2017, the University of Utah hired an Active Transportation Manager to lead initiatives in sustainable transportation. This position facilitates the development and advancement of active transportation strategies to meet the unique needs of the individual commuter while advancing the University’s capacity to support system-level change.

The position is primarily responsible for:

  1. Student educational programming and event management focusing on active transportation options for commuting to and around campus.
  2. Infrastructure management to support active transportation options including pedestrians, bicycle, boarding and scooters, signage, and wayfinding.
  3. Collect, manage, and report transportation data for the benefit of the team, department, and University.
  4. Planning and development review support to ensure transportation amenities are included on campus and in buildings that serve campus, including working with Salt Lake City, Utah Transit Authority, Utah Department of Transportation, and other university partners.
  5. University Bicycle Master Plan implementation and project coordination.

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