Climate Commitment

“As a leading public research and flagship university, we have the responsibility to our campus community, the state we serve and society at large to commit to actions that will lead to a more sustainable future."
—University of Utah President Taylor Randall, who re-signed the Commitment in 2021

The University of Utah is a signatory to the Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitments, which demonstrates the university’s commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050 and its dedication to developing knowledge, research, and best practices for climate mitigation and adaptation. Resolutions approved by both the Student Senate and Academic Senate supported the commitment.

The Presidents’ Climate Leadership Commitments are a multi-year effort that include specific requirements and annual campus greenhouse gas inventories.


Create and report internal task force.

Completed: June 29, 2019


Create and report on a joint campus-community structure; submit campus greenhouse gas inventory.

Completed: May 1, 2020


Complete a Campus-Community Resilience Assessment; submit campus greenhouse gas inventory.

Completed: June 29, 2021

• Assessment
• Resilience Matrix


Develop a comprehensive Climate Action Plan to replace 2010 Climate Action Plan; submit campus greenhouse gas inventory.

Due: May 2023


Complete an annual evaluation of progress, including greenhouse gas inventory.


Climate Commitment Task Force Members


Brenda Bowen  |  Director, Global Change & Sustainability Center
Kerry Case  | Chief sustainability officer


Morgan Aguilar  | Communications specialist, University Marketing & Communications 
Cathy Anderson  | Chief financial officer
Sam Jensen Augustine  | Building science & sustainability manager, Planning, Design & Construction
Jonathon Bates  | Executive director, Department of Real Estate Administration
Chris Benson*  | Sustainability and energy director, Facilities Management
Robin Burr*  | Chief facilities officer
Ginger Cannon  | Active transportation manager, Sustainability Office
Danielle Endres  | Professor, Communication
Chimalli Hernandez | Associate director of Sustainability Board, ASUU 
Andrew King  | Associate director, Planning, Design & Construction
Dan Lundergan*  | Chief operating officer, Hospital Administration
Lori McDonald  | Vice president for Student Affairs
Steve Panish  | Assistant vice president for Capital Programs & Space, Health Sciences
Masood Parvania  | Associate professor,  Electrical & Computer Engineering
Zoe Philippides*  | Director of Sustainability Board, ASUU
Court Strong
  | Associate professor, Atmospheric Sciences
Smitha Warrier  | Assistant professor (clinical), Anesthesiology
Gordon Wilson*  | Associate vice president for Administrative Services


Michael Good  | Senior vice president for Health Sciences
Dan Reed  | Senior vice president for Academic Affairs


Julie Johnsson  | Administrative assistant, Global Change & Sustainability Center

*  Steering committee member