The Wasatch Experience/ Sustainability Teaching Scholars

Join University of Utah faculty in a quest to make sustainability teaching more exciting and relevant through the Wasatch Experience.

*The Wasatch Experience has been put on hold for 2021 because of the COVID-19 public health crisis. 

Workshop Information

The Wasatch Experience engages educators in a two-day, team-based workshop in May, followed by regular small-group meetings during the school year. Participants design and implement an action plan to integrate the big ideas of sustainability into their courses. Upon program completion, participants are awarded $500 and receive the University Sustainability Teaching Scholar designation

Prior Projects Include:

  • In a course on Materials Science, students disassembled old appliances to explore themes of design, recyclability, waste, value, and production;
  • An instructor in Ethnic Studies assigned systems mapping to explore how indigenous women have sustained culture and community within ecological limits over time;
  • Faculty from the Political Science department devoted the final module of an international relations course to issues of global sustainability.

Sustainability Teaching Scholars

Sustainability Teaching Scholars have experience integrating ecology, economy, and equity into curriculum across many departments. Learn more about their work in this area.

Responses from Wasatch Experience Participants

Anthropology, 2014

“The year-long workshop has more than surpassed my expectations and allowed me to go beyond my initial objectives. Because of the partnerships and collaborations developed in the Wasatch Experience, I not only feel connected to and supported by a broader network of sustainably-minded faculty at the University but also have developed collaborative partnerships in teaching and research as a result of the workshop.”

Nutrition, 2014

“After The Wasatch Experience, I was able to incorporate sustainability as both major theoretical and practical elements of the course itself… Many of the resources and readings that were provided during the workshop allowed me to expand my conception of how and when sustainability could be directly connected to other subject matter that I had not previously thought of as related.”

Languages & Literature, 2016

“I really loved the Wasatch Experience. It’s one of the coolest things I’ve done here [at the University of Utah]. I loved the Big Ideas of sustainability. The Wasatch Experience changed the way that I taught my class.”

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