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Green Travel Fund

The Green Travel Fund is an innovative way for campus members to contribute to the University’s effort to reduce emissions. Faculty, staff, and students that travel on behalf of the University can make a tax-deductible donation to the fund that goes toward campus efficiency and local renewable energy projects.

Traveling Greener

In 2014, U students and employees traveled over 16 million miles by air and 1 million miles by car. To help offset these emissions, U community members can donate to the Green Travel Fund through their travel reimbursement check. Money from the fund will help reduce the University’s greenhouse gas emissions by increasing the number of energy efficiency and clean, renewable energy projects right here on campus.

How it works

Tell your travel preparer to click the “Yes, I will donate” box when registering a trip through the Travel Department. You can give a suggested $10 or any amount you choose. Each time you travel, you can make the green choice by donating to the fund.

Partners include: Travel Services, Tax Services & Payroll Accounting, Accounting, Development Office, and Facilities Management.

U of U Sustainable Energy Campaign

In addition to the Green Travel Fund, the University of Utah also collects donations to increase its purchases of renewable energy. Donate today.