Earning a Sustainability Course Attribute

The Sustainability Course Attributes are awarded to courses integrating key sustainability concepts.

Sustainability course attributes are applied to courses that integrate fundamental concepts of sustainability and connect to UN Sustainable Development Goals. Courses from across campus have Sustainability attributes.

What is the  Sustainability (SUS) course attribute?

  • A SUS course must:
    • Include and explore four of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
    • Course learning outcomes must be linked to at least two of the UN Sustainable Development Goals
    • The two SDGs addressed in course learning outcomes must be directly connected to a significant course assessment.

Why get a course attribute?

Which courses have attributes?
See courses here.

How can my course get a sustainability attribute?

Applications for SUS attributes are due October 15 (fall) & February 15 (spring)

See an example of a completed and approved application here.



For more information or questions about the application contact us at Sustainability Education


*Please note special topics courses cannot receive an attribute though they may be approved as electives for the graduate certificate on an individual basis.

*Applications must be completed by the faculty member teaching the course.