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Global Change & Sustainability Center

Sustainability research is led by the Global Change & Sustainability Center (GCSC), a collaborative interdisciplinary research hub that generates and disseminates the knowledge required to address the urgent need for adaptation, mitigation, and resilience in response to current global change. The GCSC was created by faculty in 2009 to serve students, faculty, and members of the academic community across disciplines. It facilitates new approaches to responsible management and viability of natural, social, and economic systems, working towards a future where humans and ecosystems thrive. The center:

  • Advances innovative research through engagement and training
  • Incubates leaders
  • Initiates and deepens faculty relationships
  • Expands and shares knowledge

The GCSC reports to the chief sustainability officer and receives support from the senior vice president of Academic Affairs.


During the academic year, the GCSC hosts research seminars on issues as varied as isotopes, Indigenous environmental law, snow pack, and more. Learn more.


Search the Sustainability Inventory to see which U faculty are conducting research and teaching in environmental change, energy, air quality, water, and more.


Find U faculty members who are committed to global change and sustainability research. Or, join more than 100 U faculty and become a GCSC faculty affiliate.