Sustainability Education Advisory Committee

Responsibilities & Composition

The Sustainability Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) is responsible for guiding education at the University of Utah towards the goal of sustainability literacy for every student. The SEAC advances the Sustainability Education Action plan providing expertise on sustainability education initiatives while advocating for sustainability literacy at the University. Specific projects of the SEAC include designing the SUST designation, approving courses related to this designation, faculty recognition and building the Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Sustainability. The SEAC is composed of representation from multiple colleges, departments, and professional schools at the University of Utah and works closely with the General Education Curriculum Council.

Committee Roster

Headshot of Dr. Jennifer Watt wearing light gray sweater with silver necklace. Dr. Watt has bangs and shoulder-length wavy brown hair.Jennifer Watt, Environmental & Sustainability Studies
SEAC Chair, Director of Sustainability Education, Associate Director/Professor, Environmental and Sustainability Studies 

Kerry Case, Chief Sustainability Officer
Ex Officio


James Agutter, Architecture
Director of Bachelor of University Studies, Director of Spark Design Initiative, Associate Professor, School Of Architecture 

Elizabeth Archuleta, Ethnic Studies
Associate Chair/Associate Professor (Lecturer), Ethnic Studies

Andrea Brunelle, Geography
Professor Department of Geography

Meghan Dovick, Global Change & Sustainability
Administrator,Graduate Certificate in Sustainability, Associate Instructor, Professional Master of Science and Technology, Global Change & Sustain Center 

Jennifer Macali, Nursing
Assistant Professor (Clinical), College Of Nursing 

Shane Macfarlan, Anthropology
Associate Professor, Anthropology Department 


Karen Paisley, Parks, Recreation, & Tourism
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, College Of Health, Associate Professor, Parks, Recreation & Tourism, Associate Dean College of Health Academic Affairs

Aaron Phillips, Business
Associate Professor (Lecturer), Management Department 

Amy Sibul, Bennion Center
Associate Director for Curriculum & Scholarship, Bennion Center for Community Engagement

Carol Sogard, Art & Art History
Professor, Art/Art History Department

Smitha Warrier, School of Medicine
Associate Professor (Clinical), Department Of Anesthesiology