Sustainability Teaching Scholars Workshop

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 Sustainability Teaching Workshop & Program


Resource Page for integrating sustainability into courses across campus.


Workshop Information

The Sustainability Teaching  Workshop engages educators in a two-day experience on integrating the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals and fundamental sustainability concepts into curriculum across campus. Upon program completion of the two day workshop participants will become eligible to apply for a sustainability teaching grant through the Sustainability Teaching Scholars Program.

The 2023 Sustainability Teaching Workshop will be held May 10 from 9 am - 4:30 pm.
Dinner on May 9 from 5-7 for all participants to meet before the workshop.

Workshop applications are due May 1, 2023.

Participants who are interested in pursuing the Sustainability Teaching Scholar Designation, please see information below.

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Sustainability Teaching Scholars

Sustainability Teaching Scholars are faculty who have experience integrating the sustainable development goals into their curriculum, completed the Sustainability Teaching workshop, and have demonstrated a commitment to furthering sustainability education on campus.

Participants who have completed the  workshop are eligible to apply for a small grant or teaching assistant award and enroll in the Sustainability Teaching Scholars program.

See a list of past Wasatch Experience/ Sustainability Teaching Workshop Participants and Sustainability Teaching Scholars here.


Sustainability Faculty  Learning Community

A faculty learning community (FLC) comprises an interdisciplinary group of faculty devoted to enhancing teaching, learning, and the university experience. FLCs have been shown to increase faculty interest in teaching and learning while providing a safe space for faculty to explore and implement new approaches, give and receive feedback, and generate a knowledge base accessible to the broader University community.

The Sustainability FLC is comprised of individuals currently working towards the sustainability teaching scholars designation, previous Wasatch Experience participants, and faculty interested in sustainability education.

Sustainability Faculty Learning Community Events take place two times a semester. See Fall 2022 & Spring 2023 events below.

Fall 2022 schedule:

  • October 18, 10:30-11:30 am in Gardner Commons Rm 4490
    • Topic: The UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals
  • November 15, 10:30-11:30 am in Gardner Commons Rm 4490
    • Topic: Using the Edible Campus Gardens as living/learning lab for your class

Spring 2023 schedule:

  • February 7, 10:30-11:30 am in EHSEB Rm. 4100 B

    • Topic: Sustainability Education Integration in Health Sciences
  • March 14, 10:30-11:30 am in Gardner Commons Rm 4490
    • Topic: Applying for a Sustainability (SUST) Course Attribute