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Campus E-Bike Program

Reimagine your Trip across Campus!  

You have a meeting downtown or across campus and limited time to get there. Why not burn a few calories and have some fun along the way? An e-bike is your department’s solution to improve employee health and our local air quality!

With no emissions, e-bikes offer a quick and easy way to get around the U’s hilly terrain during the work day.  The University is partnering with Bingham Cyclery to provide discounted e-bikes to University affiliated departments for business use.  With almost 50% of Utah’s urban air pollution coming from tailpipe emissions, the University’s Sustainability Office created this purchasing option to help University departments reduce their carbon footprint, boost physical health and increase employee efficiency.

E-bikes have a battery and electric motor to boost your pedal power. This allows employees to ride with traffic and tackle any hill with sweat-free ease. Convenient bike parking is located outside every campus building.


6 reasons why e-bikes are the door to door solution for campus travel:
  • Parking is free and widely available.
  • Allows you to take the most direct route between point A & B.  
  • Saves your team time and $
  • Gets you up hills without breaking a sweat
  • Reduces emissions
  • Riding is fun and good for your health!

Ready to Get Started?

    • Contact Bingham Cyclery to arrange a Test Ride at one of their convenient locations.
    • Purchase your e-bike directly from Bingham Cyclery.
    • Read or submit a testimonial. For more questions, check out the Campus E-Bike Program FAQ, or contact us

      Available E-Bikes

      Bingham Cyclery is offering discounted pricing on four models of fully adjustable e-bikes to suit individuals with various body sizes and skill levels. These staff-tested models are manufactured locally by Specialized, and are highly durable, easily maintainable, and simple to ride and operate.

      Your department e-bike purchase includes:

      • 4 scheduled tune ups
      • Access to a mobile service program
      • 10% discount on parts, accessories and clothing for 2 years

      Check out the contract pricing for each bike below:



How does your department use the new e-bike? Cross campus deliveries? Meetings? Exercise? Brain-storming breaks? We want to know – share your testimonial

“I often have meetings on campus, and it’s (an e-bike is) a lot more fuel efficient and easier to park without contributing to the smog.”
Carrie Levit – NHMU

“If I have to Fed Ex or go to a meeting or something on campus, this helps with parking and efficiency. But it’s also just fun!”
Jill Schwartz – NHMU

“I want to meet my friends on campus for lunch! Parking is already rough and I like that the e-bike is eco-friendly.”
Annie Young – NHMU

“One of the Natural History Museum’s values is to promote sustainability in all that we do. The Green team thought the e-bikes are a nice opportunity to enable travel to campus in a sustainable way and to teach about alternative transportation. It’s about lowering the museum’s carbon footprint.”
Kiley Morgan – NHMU