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U Bring Your Own!

#UBYO (U Bring Your Own) is a campaign to reduce single-use disposable materials on campus! We are encouraging students, faculty and staff to bring their own reusable items to campus each day. Our consumption habits impact water quality, air quality, habitat, climate change and more. Your actions matter—especially when amplified across our university community.

Please check with your local grocers and coffee shops to confirm reusables are accepted. 

Make Zero Waste Choices

Thousands of people trying to do zero waste imperfectly is better than one person doing zero waste perfectly. Create your zero waste lifestyle around these everyday items:

• water bottle
• mug
• utensils
• to go container with a lid
• bag
• bandana or napkin

Where do you get a zero waste kit?

There are lots of options. The cheapest (and most eco-friendly option) is to pull one together from things you have at home. If you are missing items, check out your local thrift store or the Campus Store.


With support from PepsiCo, the Campus Store, and the Sustainability Office.

Efforts by PepsiCo

A study commissioned by PepsiCo a few years ago found that “recycling makes you more attractive.” PepsiCo as a brand is striving to make itself more attractive. The company funds recycling education in K-12 schools, university campuses and community programs. PepsiCo supports recycling infrastructure and innovation through the Closed Loop Fund, and it is also a member of the New Plastics Economy and the Recycling Partnership.