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Active Transportation Improvements: Federal Heights Drive and North Campus Drive

Some minor intersection changes at this location are being constructed in January / February 2019 by UDOT in collaboration with Salt Lake City and the University of Utah, as a follow-up to last summer’s repaving of North Campus Drive.  The purpose of these changes is to provide a bicycle crossing of North Campus Drive while also slowing motor vehicle traffic into and out of Federal Heights Drive. The project was recommended as a high-priority improvement in the University of Utah’s Bicycle Master Plan (2011) and also in Salt Lake City’s Pedestrian & Bicycle Master Plan (2015).


This project focuses on bicycle and pedestrian safety, and includes:

  • Concrete islands to slow traffic on Federal Heights Drive, improve pedestrian safety, and also provide a bicycle waiting area for the North Campus Drive crossing.
  • A bicycle-specific cut in the concrete median, and a bicycle ramp to the University’s multi-use path on the south side of North Campus Drive.
  • A new, painted pedestrian crosswalk across Federal Heights Drive, just north of the new islands. 


What to expect:

  • Motorists turning onto Federal Heights Drive from North Campus Drive will need to slow down for this turn, as appropriate to entering a neighborhood.
  • Bicyclists crossing North Campus Drive will yield to cross traffic.
  • There are no additional changes to motor vehicle traffic patterns.

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