The health and wellness of people is a vital part to the sustainability of our community. Air and water quality, access to healthy foods, management of environmental toxins, and support for personal success are at the core of holistic sustainability efforts.

What the University is Doing

Chief Wellness Officer

In 2014, the U created the position of Chief Wellness Officer and hired Robin Marcus for the role. This position focuses on various wellness initiatives across main campus and health sciences, as well as the connection of health and wellness to sustainability and the environment. Many campus wellness initiatives, including Peak Health and Fitness, are found in the Office for Wellness and Integrative Health.

Center for Student Wellness

The Center for Student Wellness provides health education to promote positive, healthy behaviors. The Center provides information, resources and solutions for wellness-related issues.   

WellU Program

University employees can participate in the WellU employee wellness program and receive a discount on the cost of health insurance. This program promotes eating a healthy diet, exercising, and managing well-being daily to promote a healthier workforce.

Healthier Hospitals

The University of Utah Hospital is a participant in the Healthier Food challenge, a component of the national Healthier Hospitals Initiative. For this challenge, participating institutions address negative impacts from current food production by purchasing more sustainable foods and serving healthier food and beverage items.

Real Food Challenge

The Real Food Challenge is a national commitment that was signed by the University to shift 20 percent of University food purchases to real food. Real food is defined as local, humane, fair, and/or ecologically sound. Every other year, the University audits its food purchases to determine its progress.

Active Transportation

The University supports active transportation with infrastructure, eduation, advocacy, information gathering, communication, commuter challenges, and more. Active transportation provides many benefits including imporving our air quality as well as personal health. 

What You Can Do

There are several resources across campus that support wellness including: PEAK Health & Fitness, Prime for Life, HIV-STD testing, Well Coaching, and more. For more information visit Center for Student Wellness and Wellness & Integrative Health.

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