Sustainability Teaching Professorship


The Sustainability Teaching Professorship is designed to further engage a faculty member in developing sustainability education resources in order to promote the inclusion of sustainability in curriculum campus-wide. The selected faculty will work closely with the Director of Sustainability Education on various projects and events to strengthen and enhance sustainability education across the University of Utah campus.

The award of $10,000 is made possible by the Sustainability Office’s commitment to Sustainability Education.  The funds may be used in any way that enables the recipient to carry out the proposed activities, e.g., to reimburse the recipient’s department for release time, pay a research assistant, travel to conferences, and purchase supplies or equipment, or additional compensation payment. It is open to all faculty members (tenure or career line) at the University of Utah.

Applications for the Sustainability Teaching Professorship will open in spring 2024.


The Sustainability Teaching Professorship will be awarded for one academic year, starting August 1 and ending May 31. The recipient must be available for this entire time period and complete the following requirements:

Applicants are required to provide:

  1. Cover letter
  2. CV that highlights the sustainability education and research that they are involved in.
  3. A brief description of ideas that you have for the Sustainability Faculty Learning Community events (these are 1 hour).
  4. The Sustainability Teaching Professor will help design and facilitate the theme for the Sustainability Teaching Scholars workshop.  Please provide a one-page summary of a topic idea for the workshop that you would be excited to facilitate.

All required materials will be submitted through the application.

Selection Criteria & Information

The Sustainability Education Advisory Committee will review all nominations.

The applicant will be evaluated based on the following criteria included in the required material above:

  • Ideas about sustainability education are well developed
  • Evidence of dedication to teaching
  • Demonstration of big ideas around sustainability education
  • Clear examples of how they would integrate their ideas into courses and the teaching workshop
  • Completion of The Sustainability Teaching Workshop

2023 Applications are now closed. 

The 2023-2024 Sustainability Teaching Professor will be recognized at the 2023 U Sustainability Partners Reception from 4 to 5:30 pm at the Alumni Dumke Reception Room 1022.