SCIF Bylaws Receive Overdue Update

By Zahra Saifee, Sustainability Office For the past year, the Sustainability Office has committed to incorporating equity and wellness into its programs and policies. As part of that effort, staff and students completed a major overhaul of the Sustainable Campus Initiative Fund (SCIF) bylaws to incorporate a more inclusive vision of sustainability. When SCIF was […]

Dancers perform on stage in Falling Limb, a performance piece by the Phantom Limb Company about the earthquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear meltdown that ravaged the region of Fukushima, Japan in 2011.

GCSC Seminar: Awakening an Audience with Environmental Theater

By Maria Archibald, Sustainability Office Thinking about climate change can be so overwhelming that we might, at times, wish to look away. Some aren’t willing to look at all. Phantom Limb Company invites us to consider our relationship to the natural world through a different lens—one that is mesmerizing, emotional, and beautiful. On Tuesday, April […]

A student takes notes during a lecture in an auditorium style classroom at the University of Utah.

A New and Improved Undergraduate Sustainability Certificate: Everything Students and Faculty Need to Know

By Maria Archibald, Sustainability Office In its very definition of sustainability as “the integrated pursuit of social equity, environmental integrity, and economic security,” the University of Utah acknowledges that we must weave sustainability into every fiber of our economic and social systems. Next school year, the U will launch a revised Sustainability Certificate that seamlessly […]

GCSC Seminar: Infusing Justice in the Climate Planning Process

By Maria Archibald, Sustainability Office Portland, Oregon is known for its cutting-edge climate policy, sustainability initiatives, and resilience planning. In recent years, however, Portland has shifted its focus—from climate action to climate justice. On Tuesday, April 13 at 4 p.m., Dr. Liliana Caughman, who has devoted much of her research to Portland’s climate efforts, will […]

GCSC Seminar: Exploring More Sustainable Futures through Southeast Asia Case Study

By Maria Archibald, Sustainability Office As the COVID-19 vaccine offers communities respite and hope, calls to “build back better” from the pandemic are rising across the world. Dr. Pamela McElwee, associate professor of Human Ecology at Rutgers University, cautions that early indications show this is not happening. To “build back better”—in ways that are economically […]

GCSC Seminar: Building Inclusivity and Reciprocity in Community Research

By Maria Archibald, Sustainability Office   It started with a chainsaw. Dr. Nalini Nadkarni was conducting research inside a forest reserve in Costa Rica when she heard a chainsaw. “It was at this moment when I heard this chainsaw just outside of the reserve that I realized I have to do something,” she says. “I […]

Snake plant against white block wall

Sustainability Launches Revised Green Office Program

By Jessica Hall, Sustainability Office Many offices across campus have been involved in the Sustainability Office’s Green Office program, which helps campus employees learn how to be more sustainable in an office space and contribute to the university’s goals. Recently, Sustainability released a new version of the Green Office program with the hopes making the […]

GCSC Seminar: Challenges of researching connections between climate and disease

By Maria Archibald, Sustainability Office   As the COVID-19 vaccine makes its way into our communities and record snowfall covers unexpected cities across the United States, many of us have infectious disease—and climate change—on the mind. Dr. Mercedes Pascual, a professor of Ecology and Evolution at the University of Chicago, will join the Global Change […]

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Aerial view of University of Utah campus and mountains in the winter.

GCSC seminars: spring 2021 sneak peak

By Maria Archibald, Sustainability Office   The Global Change & Sustainability Center (GCSC) kicks off its spring 2021 seminar series on Tuesday, Feb. 2. Brenda Bowen, director of the GCSC, encourages everyone—students, staff, faculty, and community members alike—to tune in. The 2021 spring series features a different speaker on every Tuesday of the spring semester. […]